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Who Decides WWE 2K24 Overall Ratings Revealed

– Roman Reigns dominates the top spot in WWE 2K24 with a ratings score of 97.
– Game developer Bryan Williams details the extensive process behind determining player ratings, emphasizing character differentiation and performance over the past year.
– WWE trusts the game developers with 98% of the decision-making for character ratings, underscoring a strong partnership.

**Behind the Scenes of WWE 2K24 Ratings**

Every superstar in the WWE 2K24 video game has been meticulously rated, reflecting their performance and standing within the WWE universe. The game’s top-rated superstar, Roman Reigns, boasts an impressive rating of 97, setting the bar for excellence within the game.

**The Decision Process Uncovered**

Bryan Williams, a seasoned video game developer for the WWE 2K franchise, recently engaged in a revealing discussion with Rob Pasbani of Knotfest. Williams shared insights into the complex ratings system adopted for WWE 2K24. The process involves a collaborative effort within the development team, focusing on character differentiation and an accurate representation of the superstars’ hierarchies in WWE.

“We examine the superstars’ journey over the last year, considering factors such as championship reigns, win-loss records, and their overall push within the WWE,” Williams explains. Through this method, the team ensures each character is rated in a manner that mirrors their real-world WWE experiences.

**Superstar Ratings: A Reflection of Performance**

Notably, the game incorporates real-time achievements and statuses, with superstars like Zelina Vega, Sami Zayn, Akira Tozawa, Bronson Reed, and Bron Breakker receiving ratings that reflect their recent careers. This approach brings an added level of realism and engagement to the WWE 2K24 gaming experience.

**The WWE’s Role in the Ratings**

Addressing the influence of WWE on these ratings, Williams clarifies, “It’s primarily our decision. We share a trusting partnership with WWE, focusing on authenticity and integrity in representing their talent.” This close collaboration underscores the game’s commitment to delivering a genuine WWE experience.

**Recent Updates and Additions**

In recent developments, the Pat McAfee Pack has been announced as a downloadable content (DLC) addition to WWE 2K24, further expanding the game’s roster and enhancing its appeal to WWE fans and gamers alike.

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