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Wrestler Nikkita Lyons Sidelined Once Again Due to ACL Injury: Insights and Comeback Plans

  • Nikkita Lyons reveals the critical moment of her ACL injury during a match with Blair Davenport.
  • Despite her injury, Lyons finished the match and vows never to stop fighting.
  • Lyons’ in-ring return timeline remains uncertain as she focuses on recovery.

WWE’s powerhouse, Nikkita Lyons, is facing an uphill battle in her professional wrestling career. After overcoming a year-long knee injury, Lyons recently disclosed another setback: a new ACL injury that has fans and the wrestling community concerned.

During a televised competition, Lyons, despite making her comeback, was noticed wearing a knee brace, underlining her persistent struggle with knee issues. In a revealing moment, she took to Instagram to share footage from her match against Blair Davenport. The clip pinpoints the exact second the injury occurred – a double stomp from Davenport led to Lyons landing awkwardly on her knee.

Lyons’ post was a mix of resilience and humor, recognizing the unfortunate event yet displaying her unwavering spirit. “Aye sh*t happens…If ya don’t know, now ya know. Oh yeah, I finished the damn match. 🦁 #Nikkita2Knees 🦿lmaooo #IwillNeverStop #TheLyoness #DivineTiming #roar #NikkitaLyons #ACLqueen #LyonQueen #ShitHappens #NXTtuesday #warriorBitch #LoveAndFight #ComeBackStory #PounceBackpt2,” Lyons captioned her post.

Looking ahead, Lyons revealed her aims for an in-ring return, though the specifics of her comeback remain under wraps. Her determination and resilience are evident, but only time will tell if she can steer clear of further injuries upon her return to action.

As wrestling fans await more updates, the community holds its breath, hoping for a swift and comprehensive recovery for Nikkita Lyons. Her spirit and resolve in the face of adversity continue to inspire many within and outside the wrestling world.

Have you missed Nikkita Lyons on WWE TV? Share your thoughts and well-wishes for her recovery down in the comments section.

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