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Wrestling Legend Trish Stratus Acknowledges Old Rival’s Praise, Shares Thoughts on Landmark Match with Becky Lynch at Payback

In a recent turn of events, esteemed professional wrestler Trish Stratus responded graciously to salutations from ex-nemesis Lisa Marie Varon, famously known by her WWE moniker, Victoria. Stirred by Victoria’s heartfelt commends, the conversation roots from commendation Stratus received for her match with Becky Lynch at WWE’s Payback pay-per-view event.

Victoria, who battled it out with Stratus in the fierce WWE rings throughout the early to mid-2000s, confessed of being profoundly moved by Stratus’ homage at Payback. Stratus paid tribute by executing Victoria’s signature Widows Peak finish manoeuvre, which made a striking impression.

Returning the admiration, Stratus took to TwitterX to acknowledge Varon’s commendations and lauded her for being an epoch-making figure in the world of pro wrestling. She called out to Victoria in a heartfelt tweet, “I love you, sis. If there’s anyone who’s earned their stripes in this business, it’s you. You’re a legend, one of the best in the business. I will eternally appreciate the base we set together. You smashed through barriers as Victoria and Tara. Kudos to you, our ever-engaging WidowsPeakFreak.”

Stratus and Victoria, rivals of the past, played an instrumental role in paving the way for women in the industry to get considerable screen time and recognition. Victoria, a two-time WWE Women’s Champion, embarked on her first championship tenure by clenching a victory over Stratus at Survivor Series in 2002.

During the strikingly vigorous Payback match between Stratus and Lynch, which took place within the daunting cage of steel, Stratus performed the Widows Peak on former tag-team mate. She also pulled off her widely-celebrated Stratusfaction finisher. However, Lynch overcame both intense moves.

Lynch arose victorious over the legendary Stratus by successfully launching her Manhandle Slam, even shrugging off distractions from Stratus’ sidekick Zoey Starks. The resulting match was a testament to the thrilling narrative and competitive spirit that have made pro wrestling a global phenomenon.

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