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Wrestling Prodigy Jacob Fatu Discusses Future with WWE or AEW, Family Ties, and Current MLW Contract

One of wrestling’s greatest families, the Anoa’i dynasty, might soon have another link in the chain named Jacob Fatu. Currently under MLW contract until 2025, Jacob could potentially be a new asset to the wrestling industry. His recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm sparkled discussions about the possibilities of working with WWE and AEW.

Fatu expressed his gratitude for the MLW stint, a platform offered to him despite initial skepticism from both WWE and AEW. As he jokingly said, “They told me I wouldn’t have what it takes.” But the turn of events proved beneficial, giving him a platform a chance to prove his worth.

MLW gave me that platform…they helped me build…they believed in me,” commented Fatu. The wrestler credits individuals like Low Ki, MVP and most notably, MLW’s founder, Court Bauer for taking a chance on him.

His family’s deep roots in WWE, however, make it a potential future destination. But the decision also circles around the responsibilities he bears, being a father and a husband. Fatu, responsible for eight lives, weighs in on each opportunity, making sure he always puts his family first.

In the midst of family ties and career prospects, AEW also garners the wrestler’s appreciation. Having close friends like Powerhouse Hobbs in the company, he expresses a certain kinship. He admires the platform AEW provides for young talents, acknowledging his own experience in the past.

In wrestling, maintaining a balance between personal and professional life often proves challenging. Fatu recognizes this and seems willing to look beyond WWE, appreciating the success of his family members like Trinity in IMPACT and Lance Anoai in NJPW.

As he leaves it to destiny and divine will, the possibility of Jacob Fatu’s move to WWE or AEW remains open. Compelled by the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon might be cautious in taking steps towards negotiations with Fatu.

Regardless of the future holds, Jacob Fatu’s breakthrough marks a fresh start for the Anoa’i family in the wrestling realm. As we watch this unfolding story, enthusiasts and fans can only wait and speculate where this new star might shine brightest.

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