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WWE Delayed Jacob Fatu’s Debut Due to International Travel Concerns

One big thing: Jacob Fatu’s WWE debut was held off due to potential international travel restrictions.

Jacob Fatu made his explosive WWE debut on SmackDown, attacking Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens. However, his arrival came two months after signing with the company in April.

Why the delay:

• Fatu’s criminal record from his youth may have prevented him from traveling internationally.
WWE hosts numerous international events and TV tapings.
• The company likely needed time to address potential travel hurdles.

Why it matters:

Fatu’s debut demonstrates WWE’s willingness to work around past obstacles for talent they believe in. It also highlights the complexities of managing a global wrestling roster.

Behind the scenes:

• WWE’s new regime has long been interested in Fatu.
• His criminal past previously hindered WWE from hiring him.
• Fatu has made a positive impression backstage with his respectful approach.

The bigger picture:

Fatu’s signing and debut reflect WWE’s evolving talent recruitment strategy under the new leadership. They’re showing a willingness to give opportunities to wrestlers who may have been overlooked in the past.

What do you think about WWE’s decision to sign Jacob Fatu despite potential travel restrictions? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on how this might impact his future in the company.

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