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WWE Engages in Contract Extension Talks With Cody Rhodes

3 Key Points:

  • WWE is in negotiations with Cody Rhodes for a multi-year contract extension.
  • Other talents including Rey and Dominik Mysterio, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley have recently finalized new deals.
  • Discussions for long-term contracts are part of TKO’s roster management following the WWE-UFC merger.

Contract Discussions with Cody Rhodes Underway

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is focusing on its talent roster, with Cody Rhodes becoming the latest WWE superstar in contract extension talks. Sources from Fightful Select relay that the company is eager to secure Rhodes in a substantial multi-year deal, signaling their long-term intent. The specifics of the deal, such as the remuneration package, are not yet public—however, insiders expect Rhodes to receive a considerable raise.

WWE Prioritizes Key Talent Retention

Retaining marquee names like Rhodes is a high priority for powerhouse WWE, which under TKO is actively pursuing contractual re-signings. The organization’s recent investment in Rhodes, including a new tour bus, has been a topic of discussion, but a finalized deal remains pending. WWE’s strategic moves come alongside the successful renewals of contracts for well-known wrestlers such as the Mysterios, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley, further strengthening their talent core.

Locking in Talent Post-Merger

The transition period post-WWE and UFC’s merger into TKO momentarily held back contract negotiations, but clarity has emerged, and long-term commitments are on the table for select athletes. Charlotte Flair’s recent contract is noted as the pioneering agreement under the new TKO regime, with other key players subsequently falling in line. Rhodes, who made his comeback to WWE in 2022, stands out in the recent spate of re-signings, considering his relatively short tenure since returning. His comeback marked a significant event at WrestleMania 38 after his departure from AEW earlier that year.

Future Contract Speculations

Meanwhile, the wrestling community also looks to the future as contracts of other WWE headliners like Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins, expiring in 2024, enter into the spotlight. While their renegotiations are not public, WWE’s recent pattern of securing talent suggests these discussions may soon garnish more attention.

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