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WWE Eyes Giulia: What Her Recent Loss Means for the Future

3 Key Points

  • Giulia’s recent title loss sparks rumors of her impending WWE debut.
  • Despite speculation, Giulia’s commitment to Rossy Ogawa’s new venture may delay her WWE start.
  • A potential WWE match against a famed Women’s Champion looms on the horizon.

A Significant Shift in the Wrestling Landscape

In the dynamic world of pro wrestling, stars often move between promotions, creating buzz and speculation among fans and insiders alike. The latest subject of such speculation is Giulia, a standout talent from NJPW/STARDOM, who is believed to be WWE-bound after relinquishing her NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship.

Giulia’s Decision: A Delicate Balance

Despite losing her championship to Stephanie Vaquer at the Stardom Cinderella Tournament, it’s suggested that Giulia’s leap to WWE might not be immediate. Early reports hinted at her desire to support Rossy Ogawa in establishing a new wrestling promotion, following his departure from STARDOM. This commitment indicates a potential delay in her WWE debut, showcasing Giulia’s loyalty to her mentors and the Japanese wrestling scene.

Potential WWE Showdowns

Giulia’s eventual transition to WWE could set the stage for high-profile matches, including a much-anticipated clash with a former WWE Women’s Champion. This prospect excites fans and adds an intriguing narrative thread to Giulia’s career trajectory. As WWE continues to express interest in the international star, the wrestling community eagerly awaits the impact her arrival could have on the women’s division.

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