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WWE Eyes Potential Move for RAW to Amazon Prime: Potential for Ad-Free Matches Explored

3 Key Points:

  • WWE contemplates new platforms for their upcoming television contracts, with Amazon Prime in the mix.
  • Amazon Prime could introduce an ad-free viewing experience during WWE RAW matches.
  • The potential deal with Amazon Prime is still uncertain, with viewership concerns and considerations.

Exploring New Horizons for WWE RAW

The landscape of professional wrestling broadcasting is poised for a potential seismic shift as WWE evaluates different platforms for its television contracts. A move that could revolutionize the viewing experience for fans, speculation arises around WWE RAW transitioning to Amazon Prime’s streaming service.

WWE RAW Without Match Commercials?

The concept of uninterrupted matches, a departure from the traditional ad-laden broadcasts, has been a talking point among enthusiasts and media alike. On Wrestling Observer Radio, the question of RAW forgoing mid-match commercials should it move to Amazon Prime was addressed. Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer acknowledges the possibility, suggesting it would indeed “make sense” for Amazon Prime to offer an ad-free match viewing to subscribers.

The Potential Impact on Viewership and Business

The WWE’s flagship show, by potentially partnering with a subscription-based service like Amazon Prime, risks the dip in traditional viewership metrics. However, the lure of lucrative deal structures might outweigh these concerns. WWE, known for its business acumen, is navigating these waters with what might be a profits-first approach, as no definitive agreement has been reached yet.

As the wrestling community watches closely, we invite readers to share their thoughts on the possibilities of WWE RAW’s migration to Amazon Prime. How do you feel about a future where match interruptions become a thing of the past? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

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