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WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch DUI Case Developments: Civil Suit Dropped & Probable Jail Time

In a remarkable turn of events, former WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch’s legal case seems to have taken a dramatic twist. Noted as one of the most prominent yet turbulent figures in professional wrestling, Sytch – better known as Sunny – is beloved by fans worldwide. But she now finds herself on the less glamorous side of the law.

Having initially pleaded not guilty to DUI Manslaughter charges, Sytch is now embroiled in a series of civil lawsuits in connection with her alleged DUI incident that tragically led to the demise of Julian L. Lasseter. But in a recent development, PW Insider reported that one of these lawsuits has been dropped.

On the fateful day of March 25th, 2022, a multi-car traffic incident occurred in Ormond Beach, Florida, with Sytch’s vehicle reportedly involved. Ensnared in this terrifying scenario were Sytch, her fiancé James Pente, and a third party – Ultimate Motor Cars LLC, the entity who allegedly sold the vehicle to Sytch.

This incident prompted the litigation. The first lawsuit was brought by the estate of Julian L. Lasseter to identify the parties accountable for his loss. Interestingly, the Lasseter estate recently filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against Ultimate Motor Cars LLC with prejudice. This essentially indicates likely settlements between them, preventing any future lawsuits against the company.

Amidst the tumult, Lasseter’s daughter had requested that the court include Ultimate Motor Cars as a defendant, a motion that Pente did not object to. The rationale behind the modification was that Lasseter’s estate believed Ultimate Motor Cars LLC to be indirectly responsible for Lasseter’s tragedy. The updated lawsuit went on to disclose that Sytch had purchased a 2012 MercedesBenz EClass from Ultimate Motor Cars barely weeks before her arrest.

Presently, Sytch finds herself waiting in prison with a plethora of charges resting on her shoulders. The blemishes on her record range from causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, DUI causing injury and damage to property, to, most critically, DUI causing death.

As the legal battle ensues, Sytch’s future looks grim, with prosecutor recommending a 26-year sentence. Adding to it, she recently filed a motion for consideration due to her mental disorders, aiming to lessen the severity of the consequences that might befall her.

Indeed, the former WWE superstar Tammy Lynn Sytch’s story is a tragic one, serving as a stark reminder of the consequences of poor decisions. As things stand now, it looks like her troubled tale might not find a happy ending soon. We’ll continue monitoring developments and bring you updates as the story unfolds.”

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