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WWE Legend Rikishi Applauds Nia Jax’s Tribute on RAW: A Stink Face Homage

3 Key Points
– WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi acknowledged Nia Jax’s tribute to his iconic Stink Face move on a recent RAW episode.
– Nia Jax, facing her rival Becky Lynch, incorporated the famous move, highlighting her connection to the wrestling legend.
– Rikishi’s positive reaction came through a brief message on his social media, signaling approval of the homage.

Rikishi’s Endorsement of Nia Jax’s Tribute

WWE legend Rikishi has always been renowned for his unique blend of athleticism and entertainment, particularly with his signature Stink Face maneuver. This move, where Rikishi would press his posterior against an opponent’s face, became a hallmark of his wrestling persona.

During this year’s WWE Hall of Fame season, Nia Jax, a prominent WWE star and Rikishi’s niece, paid tribute to her uncle. In a match against Becky Lynch on RAW, Jax performed a Stink Face, sparking discussions among fans and acknowledgment from Rikishi himself.

Nia Jax’s Ongoing WWE Journey

Nia Jax’s tribute comes at a pivotal moment in her career, following a significant match with Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Title in Perth, Australia. Despite facing a setback, Jax’s homage to Rikishi on RAW underscores her resilience and ties to her wrestling heritage.

Rikishi expressed his approval of Jax’s tribute through a social media post, simply stating “That’ Part ⬇️ Malo Nia 🤙🏾.” This gesture of familial pride and professional respect highlights the interconnected narratives within WWE, enriching the ongoing stories of both veteran legends and current superstars.

Looking Towards WrestleMania 40

As WrestleMania 40 approaches, wrestlers are gearing up for the year’s biggest event. For Nia Jax, the road ahead is filled with both challenges and opportunities. Her tribute to Rikishi not only honors a family legacy but also cements her own identity within the WWE universe. Fans and insiders alike will be watching closely to see how her journey unfolds, particularly in light of her recent performances and the noteworthy homage to her legendary uncle.

In conclusion, the interaction between Rikishi and Nia Jax encapsulates the ongoing dialogue between the past and present of professional wrestling. Their story is a reminder of the deep connections that run through the industry, celebrating both individual achievements and the shared legacy of wrestling families.

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