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WWE RAW’s USA Network Responds to Picture-in-Picture Ad Complaints

3 Key Points

  • Seth Rollins defends World Heavyweight Championship on action-packed RAW.
  • The Rock makes a return on WWE television, surprising fans.
  • USA Network addresses fans’ reactions to picture-in-picture commercials.

RAW Hosts Championship Clash Amid Ad Controversy

On the January 1st Day 1 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, fans witnessed a thrilling title defense as Seth Rollins squared off with Drew McIntyre at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego. As many spectacles filled the evening, including the unexpected appearance of The Rock, the delivery of the event was also in the spotlight due to the abundance of picture-in-picture advertisements throughout the broadcast.

USA Network’s Official Statement on Fan Complaints

Viewers vocalized their dissatisfaction with the disruptive ads, prompting the USA Network to address the feedback head-on via their Twitter handle. In their response, they expressed a mixed message received from fans, some of whom initially showed an interest in picture-in-picture formats, only to later disapprove. The tweet read:
“First you guys want Picture in Picture. Now you don’t? Help us out here… #WWERaw No promises unfortunately but we do like to break it out every now and then.”

Picture-in-Picture: A Sticking Point for RAW Viewers?

AEW regularly employs picture-in-picture advertising during their live shows without significant backlash. The technique, meant to keep viewers engaged during breaks, has had a contrasting reception among the WWE fanbase. As debate ensues over the utility and frequency of this approach on RAW, stakeholders and fans alike are contributing to the conversation on whether it should become a staple feature.

Weigh in with your opinions on the matter in our comments section and stay tuned for updates on WWE programming and advertising strategies.

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