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WWE Secures Trademark for NXT Talent’s New Ring Name, “Drake Morreaux”

3 Key Points

  • WWE successfully trademarks NXT star’s new identity, “Drake Morreaux”.
  • The trademark covers a broad range of entertainment and wrestling services.
  • Drake Morreaux, formerly known as Beau Morris, appeared on WWE SmackDown.

WWE’s Latest Trademark Move

The wrestling giant WWE has officially lodged a trademark application for “DRAKE MORREAUX,” marking a new chapter for NXT talent Beau Morris. This strategic move, documented on March 12 by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, emphasizes WWE’s continuous endeavor to brand and market its performers effectively.

Expansive Coverage

The “DRAKE MORREAUX” trademark is set to cover a wide array of entertainment services. This includes not just wrestling exhibitions and performances but extends to fan club services, social events, online newsletters, and more, showcasing WWE’s intent to use the name across various platforms for heightened audience engagement.

On the Rise: Drake Morreaux

Beau Morris, now stepping into the spotlight as Drake Morreaux, recently showcased his talents on WWE’s main roster. Despite a quick defeat by the Authors of Pain on the February 16 SmackDown episode alongside Javier Bernal, this rebranding signifies WWE’s investment in Morris’s future within the wrestling universe.

This recent filing not only reinforces WWE’s commitment to evolving its roster but also hints at bigger plans for Drake Morreaux. Wrestlers’ brand transformations, such as this, underscore the dynamic nature of professional wrestling, where character development and storytelling play crucial roles in an athlete’s success.

Stay tuned for more updates on Drake Morreaux’s journey under his new moniker and how WWE plans to catapult his wrestling career to new heights.

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