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WWE SmackDown Ratings Surge: Viewer Numbers on the Rise

The momentum of WWE SmackDown continues to build as the show experiences a significant uptick in viewership, captivating wrestling fans across the nation. The latest broadcast of WWE’s blue brand on FOX rounded up an impressive 2,384,000 viewers, showcasing a noteworthy increase from the 2,044,000 viewers who tuned in the previous week.

In the coveted 18-49 demographic, SmackDown’s appeal is equally on the rise, as evidenced by the latest 0.63 rating. This marks a boost from the 0.59 rating achieved just the week prior, underscoring the show’s growing relevance among the younger audience segments which advertisers highly value.

Looking back at historical data for a broader perspective, the current figures represent a significant growth from last year’s viewership. The episode that aired on December 9, 2022, attracted 2,306,000 viewers, coupled with a 0.57 demographic rating, while the same week in 2021 saw an audience of 2,142,000.

These numbers not only indicate a resurgence in interest but also signify the brand’s ongoing commitment to delivering enthralling storylines and in-ring action that resonate with its audience. As WWE continues to adapt and innovate, it’s clear that SmackDown has become a Friday night fixture for wrestling enthusiasts.

Credit for these insightful metrics goes to Wrestlenomics, a trusted source for wrestling business news and analysis, confirming the rising trajectory of WWE SmackDown’s viewership. For WWE, this upward trend is encouraging, reaffirming the show’s status as a perennial powerhouse in sports entertainment.

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