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WWE Talent Let Go Due To An Incident At A House Show

Quetzalli Bulnes, who worked for the WWE as the host of WWE Ahora and who did interviews on El Brunch De WWE, has been let go from the company due to an incident last October 30 at a house show in Mexico City. The incident would see Quetzalli attempt an unplanned spot, where she had one of her friends, a YouTuber from Spain, jump the barricade and make her way into the ring. Bryon Saxton, who was also in the ring at the time of the unplanned spot, looked confused while the whole thing was playing out. It would then end with Bulnes’ friend going back over the guardrail after she was told by the former WWE talent to not get into the ring.

William Beltran and Super Luchas discussed the entire incident via, which you can check out below:

“There was a scary incident that angered some fans in attendance. Quetzalli Bulnes, host of WWE Ahora on YouTube, wanted to give an unplanned spot on the show to one of her friends, a wrestling YouTuber from Spain named Falbak, who was in ringside. Falbak jumped the barricade after Quetzalli encouraged him to do so. Byron Saxton called security to catch him, but Quetzalli ordered them not to do anything to him. Byron Saxton’s face was one of fear and then of anger with Quetzalli for this situation of which he, clearly, had no knowledge. Falbak attempted to get into the ring, but Quetzalli angrily yelled at him to leave and return to ringside. It was reported that Falbak apparently asked Quetzalli for a shout-out at the show and to go for him at ringside, because if she did that, he would give her a gift. But, Falbak’s plan would have been to get into the ring, declare his love for her and steal a kiss from her, regardless of Quetzalli’s response.”

Bulnes commented on her departure from the WWE via a video on her TikTok account, which you can check out below:

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