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WWE: The Bollywood Boyz Reflect on Randy Orton Matches

3 Key Points

  • The Bollywood Boyz treasure their time in WWE, especially the stint with Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton.
  • Despite taking harsh moves from Orton, they appreciated the exposure and mentorship received.
  • Post-release from WWE, they expressed gratitude for Orton’s encouragement and support.

The Bollywood Boyz Cherish WWE Journey

The duo formerly known as Samir and Sunil Singh, Harv and Gurv Sihra, look back at their WWE tenure with a sense of appreciation. They value the period they spent with Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion and reminisce fondly about their interactions with Randy Orton. Despite routinely ending up on the receiving end of punishing moves, The Bollywood Boyz valued the spotlight and mentorship through their WWE storyline, emphasizing their gratefulness for the opportunities to learn and grow.

Embracing Their On-Screen Roles

Their tenure included many high-profile incidents, with multiple dramatic moments courtesy of “The Viper,” including a memorable table spot at Money In the Bank 2017 and a fall from the Punjabi Prison at Battleground 2017. They acknowledge their function as the fall guys for the main eventers but see their contribution as vital to the narrative. The Sihra brothers are proud of their efforts, having left an indelible mark with a Top 10 Beatdowns compilation on WWE’s platform.

Post-WWE Endeavors and Reflections

Upon their departure from WWE in June 2021, The Bollywood Boyz were overwhelmed by the support from the pro wrestling community, particularly from Randy Orton, who quickly reached out with words of encouragement. Their time with WWE is seen through a positive lens, and they remain optimistic about their future in professional wrestling, bolstered by the support from one of their most formidable in-ring rivals.

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