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WWE’s Becky Lynch Sheds Light on Crafting Her New Memoir

One Big Thing

WWE superstar Becky Lynch opens up about the intense and pressure-filled journey of writing her new memoir, “The Man: Not Your Average Girl”.

Key Takeaways

  • Lynch found the book-writing process exciting, especially under tight deadlines reminiscent of her wrestling promo preparations.
  • Only five weeks from release, unhappy with her draft, she started over, embracing the challenge.
  • Her writing spaces varied from airplanes to parks, balancing professional and personal life as a new mother.
  • Lynch credits her husband, fellow WWE star Seth Rollins, for his unwavering support throughout her writing process.

Why It Matters

The journey behind Lynch’s new memoir provides an inspiring look at how dedication, pressure, and support play roles in achieving personal milestones. It reveals a side of the athlete rarely seen in the ring, showcasing her as a multifaceted individual not only conquering physical battles but also the daunting task of penning a memoir.

In Her Own Words

Lynch expressed her love for the writing process, especially when faced with deadlines, comparing it to the rush of preparing for live wrestling events. Despite the pressure, she finds solace and drive in these moments, pushing her to produce her best work under tight constraints.

Supportive Partnerships

A significant portion of her successful venture into writing is attributed to the support from her husband, Seth Rollins. Managing a hectic schedule, especially as new parents, Rollins’s role was crucial in enabling Lynch to focus and deliver on her writing.

For more insights and the dedication behind Becky Lynch’s journey, visit the original source at Wrestling Inc. for in-depth details.

Have you read Becky Lynch’s memoir yet, and if so, what was your takeaway from her behind-the-scenes struggles and triumphs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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