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WWE’s Dragon Lee Strikes Back at Rhea Ripley Threat, Locks in NXT Championship Challenge

In an electrifying turn of events in this week’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), super-star, Dragon Lee, has boldly responded to a threat from Rhea Ripley following his audacious attack on ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio in the recent NXT.

On Sunday, September 26, the WWE NXT saw Trick Williams triumph over Axiom, Tyler Bate, and Dragon Lee, earning the prized status of the number one contender for the coveted NXT North American Championship. As icing on the cake, Williams is now set up to contest reigning champion Dominik Mysterio at the forthcoming NXT No Mercy event.

Throwing in a dash of intrigue into the mix, Dragon Lee, a former rival of Williams, will take hand as the special guest referee in the championship match. A recent WWE video clip unveiled a feisty Mysterio, sporting a black eye as a memento of his last showdown with Dragon Lee.

The WWE universe was sent into a frenzy when Rhea Ripley jumped onto Twitter, breathing defiance against Dragon Lee. “You hurt my Latino Heat, my Dirty DomMysterio35, I ain’t done with you either, dragonlee95,” She warned. This salvo was incited by Lee’s relentless assaults on Mysterio.

Responding to Ripley’s threat in superior wrestling flair, Dragon Lee took to social media, crafting a robust return message with an animated Goku Peace GIF on loop.

As the WWE landscape brims with tension and anticipation, the league’s wrestling fanatics are eagerly waiting to see this unfolding drama at the scheduled NXT No Mercy. Interested fans are encouraged to join the free Wrestle League predictions competition, potentially scoring $250 Amazon vouchers.

With this scintillating relays of threats and counter-threats, one can only anticipate a spectacle as Lee, Ripley, and Mysterio face-off in the NXT North American Championship showdown at WWE’s NXT No Mercy. Sign up for email notifications to keep abreast of these high-stakes WWE face-offs.

Keep your wrestling passion locked here; stay tuned for more thrilling insights into the wrestling world as this action-packed drama unravels.

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