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WWE’s Johnny Gargano Returns: Celebrated Reunion with Tommaso Ciampa and DIY Revival

The WWE Universe was hit with a wave of excitement as Johnny Gargano made a heart-stopping return, reuniting with Tommaso Ciampa at last night’s RAW. Absent for five long months, Gargano’s comeback could not have been better timed, as he stepped in to save Ciampa from a brutal Imperium assault.

In the past few months, with Gargano missing from the screens, fans could only watch as Ciampa embarked on a tireless quest for his elusive tag team partner. A “missing” poster became a symbolic element of this arduous search, a symbol that now mingles with the celebration of reunion.

Reacting to Gargano’s comeback and the subsequent union, Ciampa took to Twitter, sharing a heartfelt moment of their joyful encounter, the memorable missing poster now replaced with a sign that playfully announced, “FOUND HIM! DIY. DIY. DIY.” Gargano was equally enthusiastic, tweeting, “The boys are back,” an indication of the duo’s readiness to get back to the grappling business. He added a cryptic note, “And as we all know from our past… you have to stay after the lower third airs.”

Along this eventful journey, Gargano and Ciampa made a name for themselves as former NXT Tag Team Champions, with Johnny being the honored first NXT Triple Crown Champion. Their awe-inspiring rivalry earned them the title of Rivalry of the Year in the 2018 NXT YearEnd Awards.

Gargano’s last appearance on WWE television dates back to May, marked his elimination in the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal. Following that, he had sporadically competed in untelevised events leading up to his triumphant return last night.

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