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WWE’s Rhea Ripley and AEW’s Buddy Matthews Showcase Custom Arcade Cabinet

3 Key Points

  • Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews received a custom gaming arcade machine from Phantom Arcades.
  • The couple’s dogs were also pampered with Gameboy plush chew toys.
  • Although wrestling for different organizations, the couple shares happiness outside the ring.

Pro Wrestlers Revel in Gaming Joy

WWE standout Rhea Ripley and AEW talent Buddy Matthews recently found themselves the proud owners of a custom-built arcade cabinet, courtesy of Phantom Arcades. Shining with enthusiasm, Ripley and Matthews couldn’t help but celebrate by sharing several joyous snaps beside their new arcade addition.

A Gift That Delights All

The creators of the arcade machine, Phantom Arcades, exhibited their handiwork on social media, showcasing how the wrestling personalities beamed next to their personalized gaming treasure. The caption also highlighted an adorable bonus – their pet dogs Barry and Luna received Gameboy-themed chew toys.

Cross-Company Contentment

Despite depicting different relationship storylines for WWE and AEW and not being in the same wrestling promotion, Rhea and Buddy’s off-screen bond transcends the squared circle. Interestingly, Ripley is currently paired with Dominik Mysterio in WWE storylines, who has familial links to Buddy through past plotlines.

As their fans wonder whether Ripley and Matthews will ever reunite professionally, one thing is for sure: they are enjoying their life together, along with their playful dogs and beloved gaming arcade system.

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