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WWE’s “White Rabbit” Mystery Appears To Be (And Not Be) Solved

The “White Rabbit” mystery appears to have been solved, but maybe… It hasn’t?

During a commercial break for this past Friday’s SmackDown, fans in attendance were treated to the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” playing in the arena. What’s even more interesting about the original story is the fact that it was also played over the weekend at WWE house shows.

As a result, many in the WWE Universe are speculating that this could be signaling the return of Bray Wyatt, however, as I noted previously on TJR Wrestling, this could be a reference to Karrion Kross as he was known during his Lucha Underground days as “The White Rabbit.”

It was looking more likely that was the case, as Kross on Sunday appeared to give some possible confirmation that the live-only segments were about him.

On Twitter, a fan posted an image of Karrion Kross holding a white rabbit with the words #FollowTheWhiteRabbit in the tweet. In response, Kross put up a GIF of Sycho Sid laughing hysterically.

“What is this “White Rabbit” @realKILLERkross I’ve seen people talk about as of late? Feel like I’m missing something here lol,” tweeted another fan.

“Flattered to be remembered for that. Keep watching. Assume nothing,” tweeted Kross in response.

Assume nothing?

That would then leave fans with more questions.

After a fan thanked Kross for apparently killing the Bray Wyatt rumors, Kross would post another tweet that would again leave fans confused.

“Call me a killer, guilty as charged.


I wouldn’t look to me as a suspect for any of this.

I’m an innocent killer.

People are reaching for answers and have no idea what to grasp for.

Keep watching and have fun.

That’s what I’m doing.”

From the looks of it, we’re just right back to where we started:

In suspense, and still asking, “Where’s Bray?”

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