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8 Possible Contenders For The AEW World Heavyweight Championship In 2022

Hangman Adam Page is doing a phenomenal job as champion. He even just defended the title on Dynamite against the young and talented Dante Martin. The match was tremendously entertaining and both men put it all on the line.

Of course Page has defended the title a number of times since defeating Kenny Omega for the title a little while back and really each match has been as epic as the last. A great champion for sure, and we hope he holds the title for a significant period of time moving forward.

But…this is pro wrestling, and championships need to change hands for sure. Otherwise, the product gets stale like in WWE…where no one seems to be able to uncrown the ‘Head of the Table’ himself, Roman Reigns.

So, I thought it would be fun if I compiled a list of AEW and non-AEW stars currently signed or not signed with the company (but perhaps rumored to sign soon), and see which stars might be able to uncrown the Hangman himself in 2022.

8. Wardlow

via AEW /YouTube

He’s got his hands full with the TNT Championship right now, and we don’t know where the whole MJF angle will be going, but down the line and yeah, as early as this year, it would be pretty spectacular to see them put the strap on this big man.

No his matches aren’t all that long, but he puts forth that power wrestler style that hasn’t been seen in a while. He’d be a great contender for sure.

7. Bryan Danielson

via AEW /YouTube

Okay, so he’s got his card full right now—alongside the next man on this list—but if that union doesn’t last all that long, Danielson definitely deserves another shot at the title. He should definitely be crowned during his time in AEW, which I hope is for the long run. Just take a look at the matches that he and Hangman already delivered. Masterpieces all of them.

6. Jon Moxley

via AEW /YouTube

Now if I can have a wee bit more fun here with a little of the old fantasy warfare, let’s say these two gents do spilt up after say a tag team run—perhaps one that leads to a little of the old tag team gold in AEW—then what better way to feud than over the main title in all of professional wrestling?

That would be pretty amazing to see…maybe stretch it out over a few months, really build on it and then have them face off. Perhaps Mox can take the title off of Danielson…maybe as payback for Danielson betraying Mox after their tag title runs end?

Sounds good to me.

5. Adam Cole

via AEW /YouTube

Yes, Cole lost his match for the big one at Revolution, but he too deserves another go at it, and hopefully this year. Heck, this might happen sooner rather than later, but we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. For now he and reDRagon are set to face Page and Jurassic Express. Let’s see where it goes from there.

4. Cody Rhodes

via Ash Flix /YouTube

Okay…wishful thinking on my part; especially with the fact that he is rumored to be going to WWE, but I don’t know…I’m starting to get this feeling that his time in AEW isn’t over the way they want us to believe that it is. *As can be seen in the above video…many have been having fun with Cody’s possible signing with WWE – even Cody himself although the time in which this video was actually filmed is not clear although what is clear is that it is in fact old, as he doesn’t have the neck tattoo yet in this footage. The point is, at some point Cody believed that a run in WWE would go nowhere, as the video proves. Let’s hope he still thinks that.

Like I said, this may be a little too much wishful thinking on my part, but I see him coming back and I see him challenging for the title in perfect heel fashion, and all despite the fact that he said that he never would challenge for it again. What better way to turn heel? Right?

Hope it happens, but if he does end up back in WWE, they better treat him right. They’ve buried way too many of my favorite stars over there as of late and over the years…something that shouldn’t happen to one of the greats like Cody Rhodes.

3. Keith Lee

via AEW /YouTube

What a debut and first few weeks for this gentleman and epic athlete. He is an example of what can go wrong in WWE—being completely innocent of all wrongdoings himself—but later shining on another platform. He shouldn’t sit on the sidelines for too long. He should be in the running for the world title soon enough and again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

2. Eddie Kingston

via AEW /YouTube

What a run this guy is having. He’s got his hands full with Jericho right now, but I don’t think it’ll be too long before he too gets a title shot. Hopefully in 2022. He reminds me of Steve Austin…who else can tell off the crowd and still be cheered? Just Kingston and good old Stone Cold to my estimation.

1. Cesaro

via Nookie Highlights /YouTube

Now here’s another bit of wishful thinking on my part, as Cesaro still hasn’t signed with anyone since choosing to leave WWE. Cesaro, or Claudio Castagnoli should emerge in AEW and soon, and after the ridiculous treatment he suffered over the course of 2021, he should most definitely be awarded the top prize in AEW. He deserves as much, and that’s an understatement.

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