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Adam Cole On ReDRagon In AEW—Kaleb With A K Says Goodbye To Impact Wrestling

Adam Cole was recently asked if he had anything to do with Bobby Fish’s and Kyle O’Reilly’s emergence in AEW. He had an answer to that very question and a few comments about ReDRagon in general…hopes for the future and just where they go from here. These comments were made during an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of

“No. Well, of course, they’re my friends. These are two guys who I’m very, very close with. So of course I’ve shared my experiences in the sense of saying, you know, they would ask me how I’m feeling, how I’m enjoying it and of course, I told them I’m having the time of my life. Which is true. But as far as them making their own decisions or in any way, shape, or form, me influencing AEW deciding to say ‘Hire them,’ I had nothing to do with that…

I wish I could say that I did, but those two guys—Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish—they ended up in AEW on their own and they made their own decision as well…Without question, I’m hoping it ends with all of us just getting along and having this great time and being the greatest super faction of all time. But obviously, there’s a chance not everyone’s going to be on the same page and because this is professional wrestling, someday at some point there’s gotta be an end to it…

I don’t know if it’s in sight, or when it’s happening, but it feels like sometimes I just can’t get Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish to get along with the Bucks. That’s what I’m focused on right now. Drives me insane. Just get along, guys. We could be the greatest ever…” on YouTube / (Transcription)

RedRagon has its own loyal following and they certainly paid their own dues along the way, thus earning their contracts with AEW…

via ROH /YouTube

Kaleb With A K leaves Impact Wrestling

In recent weeks, Kaleb Konley has been in a storyline revolving around the team of Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne (The Influence) and their feud with The IInspiration. Call it a love triangle; call it a gimmick that tugged at the blurred lines between pro wrestling and soap operas circa the 1980s, but Kaleb did his job at delivering the social media photographer caught between the two teams perfectly, but behind that gimmick is a pro wrestler hat has been working at it since 2005.

He worked the independent circuit extensively since his debut and in 2019 ended up at the NWA. It was in 2016 that his relationship with Impact/ TNA would begin as well.

He made the announcement after this week’s episode of Impact that he would be leaving the company. It was during BTI, Before The Impact, that he was put through a table by W. Morrissey.

Here is the statement he made on his departure via Twitter:

“I’ve spent the last 2 years with Impact Wrestling. They gave me an opportunity while the whole world was shut down & it turned into some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I hate how it ended but life is full of peaks and valleys. Thank you to everyone there especially all the Kos…”

-Kaleb Konley via Twitter
via Kaleb Konley /Twitter

Konley’s girlfriend, Kris Statlander is obviously a top AEW wrestler. Perhaps the future holds an AEW debut for Konley. After all, he does deserve it. Let’s face it…Impact Wrestling didn’t exactly deliver him the greatest of gimmicks. Perhaps he has realized that the ‘go time’ is nigh…if he’s going to make a further impression—one I know he can make—that time is now, and a departure from Impact, in the capacity he was in at the company, wasn’t going to send the type of message I feel he’s been wanting to send.

I don’t know…just a feeling I get.

via Kaleb Konley on Twitter

*w/ Shinjiro Otani

Until the next one, dear readers.

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