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AEW Dark Wrestler Reveals Dark Secrets About Locker Room

AEW has many superstars that work without any name or fame. They work on AEW Dark and are left there without any big value. We are not talking about Satnam Singh here, but instead of Tamilian Vineesh who appeared on the Shoot and Stiff Wrestling Podcast and spilled the beans about the up-and-coming promotion. The same promotion that looks at WWE as their competition.

The Tony Khan-led promotion has already seen some hot water moments after AEW All Out. The company is trying everything in its capacity to let the shutterbugs and the grapevine not talk about the harsh realities of the company. It’s thanks to wrestlers who work there and feel the discrimination that such nuances come to light. He said:

Do you think AEW’s better than WWE?” (laughs) fuck no! AEW is one of the worst fuckin places I’ve ever been in my life. Why would I even think about- Why would I even fuckin compare AEW with WWE? WWE’s 10,000x better. WWE’s the #1 wrestling promotion in the world, is because they way they run the promotion. Everybody is humble, kind, respectful. It’s a well oiled machine. It’s very organized and uh they don’t disrespect anybody. There’s no politics. There is no racial discrimination. Everybody treats everyone with equal respect. So WWE’s always always #1 and is amazing. AEW’s just fuckin trash. So many guys & girls just have egos. So many people- they backstab each other, they politic. Man it’s just just one of the worst places uh and also uh – yeah there are plenty of racial discrimination in AEW. You can’t see a lot of African Americans or um Indians of course. I’m not talking about Satnam Singh. Satnam Singh won’t count as a wrestler. He was never been a wrestler. He was a basketball player and he’s still learning how to wrestle. And I have seen his wrestling: It is terrible, it’s bad. The only reason Tony Khan & AEW hired him is because of the popularity that he got through uh NBA- the basketball game. He have no business in the world of wrestling. And again I believe there was another guy uh – Robo whatever Jor- Jora? Whatever his name is. He’s decent. He’s an average wrestler, he have that look. Is he, uh, is he the best Indian wrestler? No not really. But again, I’ve seen & I’ve experienced racial discrimination in AEW. Absolutely.

AEW has portrayed itself as a loving company, but there are groups or small talk accounts that want to be talked about and be at the centre of attention. Tamilian Vineesh made it clear that Satnam Singh was hired because of his basketball skills, and not that it had anything to do with wrestling. It’s funny that people always believed it to be the case behind the superstar’s signing.

It isn’t the first time that CM Punk has been accused of racism and politics. Punk’s actions at the AEW All Out Media Scrum and the backstage brawl are enough to tell us that he is not what he claims to be. The company has always portrayed him as a good guy, but that seems to be a scam. He said:

CM Punk is one of the biggest fucking racist piece of shit I ever met in my life. And I’ve shared the story on my podcast. If you go to Shoot and Stiff Wrestling Podcast on YouTube, you can definitely listen to that. I have experienced discrimination, of course, and I don’t really want to name the people, but of course, CM Punk’s name is there. I don’t really care about the dude. He’s small, he’s skinny. And like I said, he’s one of the worst guys I ever met from AEW. Yeah, there are some worst people out there. Max Caster, he’s just another person that I don’t really like. And Billy Gunn’s sons. Again, those guys were like, again, I don’t know, entitled ones I can say. There are some people that I actually encounter some discriminations and shit, but in WWE, never. You will never, ever experience any discrimination in WWE.

Fucking piece of shit, fucking idiot, unprofessional asshole. He deserves every fucking shit that’s happening to him right now. I met him once in my life, and I will never, ever forget that moment in my life. He’s a fucking scumbag. He’s a fucking unprofessional piece of shit. That’s what I think about CM Punk.

So last year, I was in the Nightmare Factory. I was lacing those boots right there on the corner, and I was preparing for a wrestling match with QT Marshall. And CM Punk, he was there and he was standing next to me. So out of respect, I stood up and I introduced myself, and I said, “Hello, sir. My name is Vineesh. It’s an honor to be here in this locker room with you. Nice to meet you.” I extended my hand and this fucking piece of shit looked me in the eye and he didn’t say a word and he walked away. Again that tells how much of a professional he is. That’s what happened between me and Punk. And then I got heat for showing respect to this motherfucker. I got called to the office by QT Marshall, and he said, “You cannot approach CM Punk again. He didn’t like that. And if you do anything like that, we’ll be asking you to leave.” Do I deserve that? Absolutely not. So that’s why I said, Punk is a fucking piece of shit.

WWE wasn’t wrong about letting him go, or in real words, fire him. Tony Khan wants to build the business around him but is it worth the time and effort? After the expose by Tamilian Vineesh, one can rest assured that Punk would face more concerns as he is already under investigation for the backstage actions following AEW All Out Media Scrum.

What do you think of the comments made by Tamilian Vineesh? Sound off in the comments.

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