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Kevin Nash Takes Jab At CM Punk For Being Tired

Kevin Nash is a certified legend and whatever he says has an impact on what the wrestling business means and feels. He has always been outspoken and outdone himself which has even got him in trouble. The WWE Hall of Famer has a podcast where he discusses things around the wrestling business. In the recent “Kliq This” podcast he discussed the situation surrounding CM Punk.

Kevin talked about Phil (which is short for CM Punk’s real name Philip) and said that he is 42 and he feels tired. Nash talked about the time when Punk cut a promo on him saying he was old at 55 and he could hear my knees sound. It’s funny that Punk said that during the AEW Media Scrum which got a controversy started in the company that led to a backstage brawl. He said:

“At 42 years old, Phil is tired. He’s beat up. I was in the ring at 55 and he was cutting the promo on me, ‘Click. Click, I can hear your knees, lol. I thought you were dead’ That motherfu**er is cutting that promo on me and he sits there at 42 years old.”

Big Daddy Cool said that he thinks that they were suspended, but not without pay. He hasn’t heard that they were suspended without pay. He called it a mockery or rather a travesty of justice where someone in authority shoots someone else 23 times and still gets to sit on the desk as if nothing happened. Nash said:

So they’re the fu**ing cop that fu**ing shoots the guy 23 times in the back and then sits at his desk. That’s an effective way to fu**ing manage. What a bunch of shit.

Diesel didn’t mince his words and made some indirect references (which you would understand if you are aware of the news) to some situations around the world. The Giant Killa said that he googled about Punk and found out that he is just 42 years old. It made him feel bad because it was like he hasn’t wrestled for 10 years. He made a reference to ‘75 Eldorado with 102 miles on it. Big Daddy Cool said:

I guess in retrospect, like, when I actually thought about it, it was like, oh no, he didn’t lose his sh*t. That’s toxic shock. He didn’t pull his tampon out. He’s fu**ing got toxic shock syndrome. I thought about that and I googled him. I said, 42. The dude didn’t wrestle for 10 fu**ing years. It’s like a ‘75 Eldorado with 102 miles on it. Motherfu**er, don’t tell me you’re tired. Shut the fu*k up.

He even took a jibe at all those that work at AEW. He called them dumb and 1099s. Nash said that it’s like someone’s painting someone else’s house and got into a fight. It led to people getting suspended, but nothing else apart from it. He said:

You know what that means? You were painting somebody’s fu**ing house, you guys got in a fight, and they told you you’re all suspended. Wasn’t it after the fu**ing deal? You guys can’t work that out? I haven’t heard if they were suspended without pay. 

You can listen to the entire podcast below:

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