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AEW Dynamite Overrun Signals Strong TBS Relationship Despite DVR Impact

In the ever-dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), even the scheduling is reflective of the fluid nature of the industry. Recently, intriguing details emerged regarding the Thanksgiving Eve episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS, which saw a notable overrun and, consequently, a significant impact on DVR recordings.

The November 22 episode of AEW Dynamite captured the attention of fans with its heightened viewership, registering an impressive 845,000 viewers, marking an increase from the previous week’s numbers. Yet, despite the overall success in attracting an audience, the broadcast wasn’t without its hitches.

As the night progressed, AEW Dynamite extended beyond its designated time slot by about seven minutes—an overrun that was not premeditated, but a decision made in the heat of the moment to ensure the completion of the show’s narrative. This extension, however, had the unintended consequence of affecting DVR viewership, with around 666,000 viewers staying tuned, exposing the challenges of live programming logistics.

Prominent wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shed light on this situation during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, highlighting its implications for the relationship between AEW and its broadcast partner, TBS. Meltzer pointed out that the impromptu extension demonstrates the strength and flexibility of the bond between the two entities.

“The deal is, it’s because it’s not planned,” Meltzer explained. He continued to elaborate on the significance of AEW’s ability to adjust on-the-fly: “This was not planned to go seven minutes long, but the way the show was going… and it really speaks a lot about Tony’s relationship with TBS. Because essentially, the show’s running late, ‘Hey, can we have seven extra minutes?’ and it’s like, ‘Yes, you can,’ at the last minute.”

Comparing AEW’s standing to that of WWE Monday Night Raw during its peak, Meltzer noted that Raw was once afforded the same flexibility due to its high ratings. The recurring willingness of TBS to accommodate AEW’s last-minute requests has been interpreted as a sign of the network’s ongoing support for the wrestling promotion, contrary to any skepticism regarding AEW’s performance.

Furthermore, while the episode in question managed to secure the second-highest total viewership for Dynamite since September 27, it also tied for the third-lowest demo rating in the key 18-49 demographic for the year with a 0.26 rating. These figures reflect a nuanced picture—high overall viewership with a potential area for growth within a critical age group.

The ongoing relationship between AEW and TBS remains an intriguing aspect of the professional wrestling landscape. It’s a dynamic that showcases the resilience and adaptability key to maintaining a successful broadcast partnership and underscores the capacity of AEW to engage its audience dynamically—and sometimes unpredictably.

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[Reported by Dave Adamson and crediting for data and quotes used in this analysis.]

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