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AEW Games 2.Show Episode 3 Recap With Kenny Omega And Bunny

The third episode of AEW Games’ 2.Show with host AEW EVP and World Champion Kenny Omega recently took place with the Bunny as the special guest. During the show, Omega and the Bunny talked about why they turned heel and said that it is because of family, which is why it doesn’t make them a bad person, in fact, it makes them a good person. Omega and the Bunny also talked about fans wondering why she was on the show as she doesn’t play any games, but she said that she did play N64 when she was younger.

Kenny Omega and Allie then went on to discuss important matters, which is the promotion’s Casino Game and said that they can’t get their hands off of it and they absolutely love it, even during Dynamite, due to the characters, dealers, prizes and interactions. The AEW World Champion then revealed the AEW Casino Game will be getting updates all the time and the fans just have to wait, but he guarantees it is going to be special.

Omega then talked about the General Manager mode, and it being the feature that fans are most excited about. Allie was then asked what she most loves about the game, and she responded the artwork as well as the fans being able to book the entire show, meaning they can have themselves win every match.

Referee Aubrey Edwards then gave an update on the Elite General Manager video game and said that they are using the unreal engine to build the game as it allows the fans to have a fully 3D environment, a dynamic camera shot as well as awesome pyro and really cool special effects because the company wants it to feel like an episode of Dynamite. Edwards also said that they will have every single talent who is signed to a contract in AEW in the game. Edwards then said that every iconic finisher will be part of the game. Edwards also said that by the end of the year, everyone worldwide is going to be able to play the game on Android and IOS.

Omega then talked about the console game and said that there’s no big update yet, but the fans can be rest assured that the team is working around the clock to get it done. Omega also said he has devoted so much of his time in the project as well as being a champion and doing all the things he must do in his Kenny Omega life. Omega then said unless there is a major update, he will not say anything that’s minor, but one thing he will say is new features are being added, features they thought they’ll never have before and need characters are being added as well.

Omega then ended the show by saying he has a major announcement to make, which is the 2.Show is still going to be a thing, but he won’t be the person to do it anymore as he is a busy person and unless he has a major news to give, he is not needed on the show, which is why Allie will be the host from here on out, but if Omega has real huge updates, then he will return to the show.

You can check out the entire show in the video below:

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