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AEW Removes MJF From The Roster And Pulls His Merchandise

There hasn’t been any top wrestler such as MJF in the past several years who has been the talk of the pro wrestling world for as long as he has and that began with him no-showing what was a pre-scheduled AEW Double Or Nothing Fan Fest last Saturday, with him not even answering any of his calls. There was even speculations that MJF might not make an appearance at AEW’s Double Or Nothing PPV as there was a flight booked out of Las Vegas, Nevada he was supposed to get into, but that did not push through and he did show up on the PPV.

Wardlow would then beat MJF in the opening match of Double Or Nothing after hitting him with 10 total powerbombs and immediately following the one-sided match, MJF was stretchered out of the arena, which was reportedly done to remove him from future AEW storylines and to write him off of AEW TV until his issues with the company and AEW President Tony Khan are resolved.

Despite it being speculated that MJF will be written off of AEW TV for the time being, he did make an appearance on Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite and delivered a very controversial and passionate promo. Whether or not MJF’s promo on AEW Dynamite is a work or real-life has not been made clear yet, but to keep in line with everything that is happening with MJF and the promotion, they have removed him from the AEW roster page and they have pulled all of his merchandise from the company’s official website.

All Elite Wrestling appears to be taking this storyline with MJF on a different level, but they could bring him back and restore everything back to what it initially was at some point in the near future. AEW President and CEO Tony Khan could be announcing a storyline suspension of MJF soon and he will be brought back weeks or months after.

MJF’s storyline with AEW is similar to a storyline involving Brian Pillman in 1996, where it was made to believe that he was fired by WCW. The storyline then reached a certain point that Pillman was able to convince Eric Bischoff to give him a legitimate release from the WWE and work in the WCW for a few shows. Pillman would then end up signing a very lucrative contract with the WWE.

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