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AEW Star Kicked Out Of School Board Meeting For Interrupting

AEW Star “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela showed up out of nowhere at a board meeting held inside a Seminole County school in Florida and was kicked out after interrupting the meeting and trolling the officials in attendance. Janela and former WWE referee Drake Wuertz, who has clearly been against wearing masks and a supporter of conspiracy theories related to Q-anon, was in the meeting.

Joey Janela was heard ranting and trolling at the school officials, which is what got him kicked out, while former WWE referee Drake Wuertz can be heard insisting and standing firm on his belief that the children should not be forced to wear masks and get vaccinated.

Aside from his political beliefs, these are some of the other reasons why referee Drake Wuertz picked up significant backstage heat while he was still working for the WWE. Joey Janela, on the other hand, was clearly there just to poke some fun on the school officials as after getting kicked out, “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela took to Twitter and wrote, “I was kicked out within 5 min for yelling at a doctor or something…. he was a liar!”

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