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AEW Star Reveals His Status With The Company And More

As previously reported, AEW Star and The Dark Order’s Alan “5” Angels had the fans speculating on his status with All Elite Wrestling after changing his profile picture in Twitter to a completely blacked out image and writing the caption, “Excited for what’s next.” Angels would remove AEW references from his social media bios as well and it was reported that Alan “5” Angels would continue to work for AEW on a per-night deal.

An update was recently provided by Fightful Select that Alan “5” Angels revealed to them that his AEW deal is set to expire on Thursday, June 30. According to Angels, he was told about a month and a half ago that the promotion won’t be re-signing him and that they did offer him a per-night deal, which he decided not to accept because he was thinking what is best for him and he feels there is more room to grow outside of AEW right now.

Angels also revealed that he feels his stock will raise outside of AEW and he is not saying that will not happen in AEW as well, but he never got to have a great Indie career and that is what he wants to do right now. Angels would then reveal that there are plenty of places to make money in pro wrestling right now and that’s not to say he won’t be back in AEW sometime in the future as maybe he will or he won’t, but AEW offered him something and he felt it was better for him to not accept it.

This is what Alan “5” Angels said:

“My contract, I was told about a month and a half ago, that they are not going to re-sign me.” “They did offer me a per-appearance, which I decided not to take, just solely based off what I thought was best for me. I feel there is more room to grow outside of AEW, right now, at this point in my career. It’s nothing against AEW or Tony Khan or any of the higher-ups in the business. It’s a personal thing. I feel, me going on the Indies and showing people what I can really do and showing people that I am a good fucking wrestler, I feel that will raise my stock — not saying it’s impossible to do that in AEW, but I guess the perception, how fans perceive Alan Angels, is, I’m the bottom guy in Dark Order and I feel I can change that outside of AEW. It’s possible in AEW, but I feel it would take longer. On top of that, I never got to have a great indie career. I was on the indies for three years, got lucky, and got scooped up. As a wrestling fan, being an Indie wrestler and doing cool ass Indie shows, that’s a thing I want to do. There are plenty of places to make money in pro wrestling right now. That’s not to say that I won’t be back in AEW, maybe I will, I don’t know, but that’s pretty much it. They offered me something, I felt it was better for me not to. That’s all it was.”

Alan “5” Angels also talked about the tweet he recently sent out that got a lot of attention and that got fans to speculate on his status with All Elite Wrestling. Angels said that at first it was just a normal tweet, but when he saw the reactions he was receiving, he just ran with it since his deal with AEW is coming up in a few days as he likes to see people freak out on social media.

This is what Alan “5” Angels said:

“I put out the tweet, I didn’t really mean to put it out as a teaser or whatever. I didn’t expect everybody to freak out about it.” “It was literally just a normal tweet, at first. Then I saw some people speculating some stuff and I was like, ‘You know what, my contract is up in a few days, I’m just going to run with it.’ Then I turned my profile picture black, took the AEW out of my bio, and really just stirred the pot because I love watching people freak out on social media. People were hitting me up, asking if I was okay. Yeah, I’m fine, I just like watching people freak out on the internet.”

Alan “5” Angels then talked about possibly reuniting with Stu Grayson, who left AEW back in May, down the line. Angels said that he would be open to anything and he is still part of The Dark Order and he has a match in NJPW with Evil Uno against Aussie Open in the first round of a tournament to crown the inaugural NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions. There is no word yet on when the match will air, but it was taped back in June 19.

This is what Alan “5” Angels said:

“I’m open to whatever. If anything, I’d like to have a match with him.” “Whether that be at C4 or wherever else he wants to go. That would be my main thing. If somebody wants to book us for a tag, I’m open to it. I’m still wearing the Dark Order hat, it’s not like I’m kicked out of the group or whatever. I have a New Japan show, it’s already taped, with Uno as a tag. Stu leaving was a big thing for all of us and maybe was part of all of it. I’m open to do whatever with Stu.”

You can check out Alan “5” Angels’ comments in the video below:

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