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AEW Star Trent Provides An Update On His Injury And Recovery

AEW Star Trent of Best Friends underwent neck fusion surgery back in July due to a neck injury, which would reportedly put him out of in-ring action for several months. Prior to undergoing surgery, Trent suffered a torn pectoral injury that put him on the shelf in December of 2020. Trent recently made an appearance on Brandon F. Walker’s ‘Rasslin podcast and provided an update on his injury and recovery.

The AEW Star first talked about the issues he had due to his neck injury such as getting sleep apnea, gasping for air in the middle of the night and even having trouble swallowing his own spit, but post-surgery, his sleep apnea was gone.

This is what Trent said:

“I got my neck fused. I had so much extra like bone growth and stuff. My discs were crushed and my bones were starting to fuse themselves together. I was getting sleep apnea like I was waking up and gasping for air in the middle of the night. Sometimes I would have trouble swallowing my own spit.

“I just thought it was nothing.” “But post-surgery, I guess I had so many many extra bones and s–t growing that my sleep apnea was gone.”

Trent also talked about how he doesn’t know when he will make his return to AEW as there isn’t even a rehab he can do, so he has just wait for his bones to grow back together.

This is what Trent said:

“I don’t know. There’s not even rehab to do, it’s just waiting for my bones to grow together.” “I’ve just got to wait for my bones to grow back together, you know what I mean? They put the plates in and take the discs out and in-between they put, he said it’s like a crushed coral.”

“I don’t understand why it’s not just floating around.” “Then the bone grows into where the crushed coral, I think it’s like a little disc thing with the coral in it. It’s not actually coral. They drill the s–t in and there was only the metal keeping my neck together after the surgery.”

You can check out Trent’s comments in the video below:

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