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AEW Update: New ROH World Tag Team Champions Crowned Amid Chaos

3 Key Points

  • MJF stands alone as Samoa Joe is attacked and unable to compete.
  • Devil’s Masked Men take advantage and secure the ROH World Tag Team Championship.
  • Shock conclusion as Samoa Joe turns on MJF, posing questions about his allegiance.

Surprise Attack Leads to Title Upset in AEW

An unforeseen turn of events unfolded during the latest title match at Ring of Honor (ROH). As Ring of Honor’s World Tag Team Championship battle commenced, fans witnessed an alarming development that would shake the foundations of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The Devil’s Masked Men had already made their presence felt in the ring, poised for conflict, when MJF made his way to the stage. However, his expected partner, dual champion Samoa Joe, was notably absent.

MJF Goes Solo Due to Backstage Assault

Samoa Joe was slated to join MJF, but a chilling sequence aired on the big screen. Joe was seen backstage, incapacitated and clearly in agony, clutching his right leg. Despite this setback, MJF communicated his unwavering intent to the referee, declaring a solo effort against the masked opposition.

Valiant Effort by MJF Overcome by Betrayal

MJF engaged fiercely with his adversaries, demonstrating both his skill and resilience. The onslaught, however, intensified as a third masked foe emerged, striking a critical blow to MJF’s already-injured shoulder with a steel pipe. The numbers advantage proved insurmountable. Utilizing their signature heat seeker maneuver, The Devil’s Masked Men scored a pivotal pin, clinching the ROH World Tag Team titles, as a cohort prevented MJF from escaping.

Samoa Joe’s Unexpected Salvation and Shocking Revelation

As MJF faced further threat from the masked victors, a battered Samoa Joe intervened, compelling the assailants to retreat. Assisting MJF to his feet, the focus shifted to the jumbotron where a cryptic message from the figure known as the Devil sparked intrigue. The intrigue escalated into sheer disbelief as Joe, now miraculously mobile, betrayed MJF with a steel chair assault.

Commentary Team Speculates on Joe’s Motives

Dumbstruck by the spectacle, the commentary team, comprised of Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone, speculated on the possibility of Joe conspiring with the enigmatic Devil. In a final, decisive gesture, Samoa Joe delivered his Muscle Buster finisher to MJF, leaving viewers questioning the true extent of his deception and its implications for the future of AEW’s tag team landscape.

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