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AEW’s Dean Malenko Undergoes Brain Surgery, Jim Ross Shares Health Update

3 Key Points

  • AEW’s Dean Malenko is recovering from brain surgery that has helped reduce symptoms related to Parkinson’s.
  • Jim Ross highlights Malenko’s crucial role and impact as a backstage producer and coach in AEW.
  • Ross, a wrestling industry veteran, also updates fans on his health, including a recent scare and upcoming procedure.

Health and Recovery of AEW’s Dean Malenko

AEW commentator and wrestling legend Jim Ross has shared an encouraging update on colleague Dean Malenko’s health. On his podcast, “Grilling JR,” the revered announcer discussed Malenko’s recent brain surgery. The goal of the operation was to alleviate the tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease, which appears to have been successful.

Jim Ross Commends Malenko’s Influence

Ross, with his decades of experience in the industry, applauded Malenko’s professionalism and vital presence at AEW. Malenko, who brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as a backstage figure, is immensely valued for his mentorship. He fosters improvement in the organization by sharing his expertise with rising talent – a testament to his dedicated coaching approach.

Jim Ross Addressing His Own Health

Equally, Jim Ross provided a personal health update, disclosing his recent battle with a blood sugar scare. The esteemed WWE Hall of Famer reassures fans of his recovery, noting daily improvements. Despite facing another health procedure on his leg set for January, Ross has triumphantly resumed his AEW commentary duties, furthering his storied career in professional wrestling broadcasting.

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