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AEW’s Fight Forever To Be A Single Release Game That Will Evolve

Ever since AEW EVP Kenny Omega announced the release of the company’s first-ever video game about two years ago, fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the game called Fight Forever and they have even had a bunch of questions in regards to the video game such as which AEW Stars the fans can play as and which consoles the game will be available on.

All Elite Wrestling announced the full details of their Fight Forever video game via a press release, saying that Nordic GmbH and AEW have joined forces to bring their developer YUKES’ latest creation to Sony’s PS4, Sony’s PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch and that the game will have a long list of popular AEW wrestlers as part of the roster.

Another question the fans have in regards to the promotion’s first-ever video game is if it will be a single release with regular digital updates or will the game have an annual release like the WWE. AEW Star Evil Uno had a conversation with Fightful and revealed that he believes the video game will be a single release and will evolve over time with regular digital updates. Uno also noted that there will be a roster of 50 AEW wrestlers and that the roster will be added over time, but Danhausen won’t be a part of the initial release of the game.

This is what Fightful said:

“AEW Fight Forever doesn’t necessarily have a release date at this moment, but we have learned about some plans for the game in the future. Evil Uno has worked closely with the game, and spoke with Fightful at Wrestlecade about what he could reveal. While it’s been rumored and speculated in the past, Uno said that he is of the belief that the AEW Fight Forever game will be a single release that will constantly evolve over time.”

“This is instead of an annual or recurring release that would require the purchase of a new game for each edition. He even said that the “Fight Forever” name plays into that. He also confirmed what we’d heard before, that there would be a roster of over 50 talent, and that would be added to over time as well. Danhausen is one name we learned won’t be in the initial release, as he appeared a little too late to be included in the first run.”

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