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Ric Flair Says Sasha Banks Won’t Go To AEW After Their Talk

One of pro wrestling and the WWE’s biggest star in Sasha Banks walked out of the company prior to the May 16 episode of WWE RAW due to frustration over creative, revealing that she and Naomi did not feel respected as a team and that they even felt unsafe working with specific WWE Superstars inside of the squared circle. Sasha Banks and Naomi were then stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles and their profiles were even removed from the official WWE roster page and they were also removed from WWE’s TV intro videos. Banks and Naomi would even remove the WWE from their Instagram profiles and Naomi would also remove WWE from her Twitter bio.

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer and 16-time World Champion “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair recently took to his “To Be The Man” podcast and revealed that after having a conversation with Sasha Banks he thinks that she will end up back in the WWE and he doesn’t think she will go to AEW. Ric Flair also revealed that Banks has been competing in Mexico as well and he just hopes she returns to pro wrestling.

This is what Ric Flair said:

“Absolutely [cannot imagine Sasha Banks not returning to WWE]. She wouldn’t go there [AEW]. She’s been in Mexico wrestling too. I talked to her. I’ve talked to her a couple of times. [Betting that she would wind up back in WWE?] Yeah, if she likes to do anything, she’s looking at outside options. (…) I hope that she gets back in the business.”

As previously reported, WWE was in contract talks with Sasha Banks and there were some issues when it comes to money, but that was a long time ago and there are a few uncertainties where things currently stand. Fans were expecting Sasha to make her return at the WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Premium Live Event since it took place in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, but that is not what happened.

There’s no word yet on what the future holds for Sasha Banks in the WWE and if contract talks will be picking up again sometime soon, but updates will be provided once it has been made available.

You can check out WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the quotes.

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