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AEW’s Pursuit of Chad Gable: The One Big Thing

The One Big Thing

As Chad Gable’s WWE contract nears expiration, both WWE and AEW are vying for the talented wrestler’s services. Despite being in the midst of a major singles push and an upcoming Intercontinental Championship match, Gable’s future remains uncertain.

Key Points

  • WWE has made an “excellent offer” to keep Chad Gable
  • Key people in AEW are pushing Tony Khan to make Gable an offer if he becomes a free agent
  • AEW cannot legally make an offer until Gable’s WWE deal expires
  • Gable is currently in the middle of the best singles push of his career

Why It Matters

The potential acquisition of Chad Gable by AEW could significantly impact the wrestling landscape. Gable’s technical prowess and charisma make him a valuable asset to any promotion. His decision to stay with WWE or jump ship to AEW will not only affect his career trajectory but also the balance of power between the two companies.

What’s Next?

As Gable’s contract expiration looms, fans and industry insiders alike will be closely monitoring the situation. Will Gable choose to remain with WWE, where he is currently enjoying a singles push, or will he opt for a fresh start in AEW? The coming days will be crucial in determining the future of this talented wrestler.

What do you think Chad Gable should do? Stay with WWE or make the jump to AEW? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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