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AEW’s Unrestricted Podcast feat. Cody Rhodes & Amanda Huber

Cody Rhodes and Amanda Huber head the AEW Community Outreach team, with a big assist from Captain Shawn Dean. They describe the program’s origins and goals, speak to some of their favorite activations to date, explain how they get AEW talent like Malakai Black, Ruby Soho, Thunder Rosa, and Mark Henry involved, and reveal how they decide which charity organizations to partner with in each city.

They also share details about some huge, upcoming projects including the “Who We Are: A Celebration of Excellence, Vol. 1” compilation album for Black History Month benefitting The Bootsy Collins Foundation and a fashion show featuring original designs by AEW’s lead seamstress, Sandra Gray. Plus, they discuss the unbelievable growth of the AEW Women’s Division, balancing wrestling and parenthood, the AEW baby boom, and Cody’s future plans for his beautiful baby girl, Libby.

Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube if you’d like a first-hand look at Amanda’s trophy!


Amanda Huber on Malakai Black’s participation at community events:

“The most incredible person I’ve been on these community is Malakai Black, especially with anything with kids. It blows me away because he’s such an intense character on screen, but watching him do any of the community stuff melts my heart.”

Cody Rhodes on the strength of the AEW Women’s Division:

“As a wrestler on the show, it’s another top talent. Hey, Jon Moxley doesn’t have to wrestle every week because Jade can go out there and wrestle, ‘cause Thunder [Rosa] can wrestle, [Serena] Deeb can wrestle, and Britt Baker [D.M.D.] can wrestle.”

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