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AEW’s Unrestricted Podcast feat. Lee Moriarty

It didn’t take long after his AEW debut for Lee Moriarty to make a statement in the ring against CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. He talks about working with both, how and when he found out about his high-profile matches, and what he learned from the experiences. Lee discusses his Taiga Style philosophy as well as the meaning behind his mask, the reason he wears the drop singlet, his love of MF DOOM, and why he doesn’t consider himself a “technical wrestler.” Lee also shares stories from his time training Lucha libre in Mexico and reveals what he loves about Japanese wrestling. 


On wrestling CM Punk on AEW DYNAMITE:

“That time last year, even this time last year, CM Punk was not in wrestling. He was gone. So the idea that I wrestled his eighth match back in professional wrestling is very surreal and a very cool moment.”

On wrestling Bryan Danielson on AEW DYNAMITE:

“It was everything I had hoped for and expected. I still have bruises on my body from the match, and I mean I’m cool with it just because how much fun it is.”


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