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Amanda Huber Begs Fans Stop Creating A Divide In Wrestling

The world of pro wrestling recently lost one of the most beloved wrestlers in the industry and one of the greatest and kind-hearted human beings ever.

All Elite Wrestling Star Brodie Lee (Jon Huber), who was known as Luke Harper in WWE. Brodie recently passed away at the age of 41. Brodie (Jon Huber) was most popularly known for his time in WWE as part of the Wyatt Family and the leader of the Dark Order stable known as “The Exalted One.”

Brodie Lee’s wife, Amanda Huber, recently took to her Instagram account and begged each and every fan to stop creating a divide in pro wrestling. Ever since the inception of AEW, there has been a ratings war between WWE and AEW and their fans have even talked negatively about the other promotion and even though Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) left WWE due to frustrations he had on the way he was booked.

He didn’t have any hard feelings towards them or even took shots at the company. Lee did poke some fun at Vince McMahon though with some of the segments he had when he first joined AEW.

When Brodie Lee passed away, both WWE and AEW honored him and WWE even released a couple of videos of their Superstars paying tribute to Brodie Lee. In Amanda Huber’s Instagram post, she included a photo of WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E, taken from the tribute video WWE released. Big was reportedly close with Brodie. Amanda Huber also talked about why Jon Huber left the WWE, but also about what WWE gave him.

Amanda Huber also said that the most incredible thing her husband, Jon Huber, took away from his time in WWE was the people and that those people in WWE watched her kids grow up and they loved Brodie Lee so much that they welcomed her family into their arms. Amanda Huber also said that the WWE became her family too and the flood of love she has received from the WWE is real and it’s beautiful.

You can check out Amanda Huber’s post below:

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