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Another Sign That Warner Bros. Discovery Is Happy With AEW

All Elite Wrestling has been running their shows on the Warner Bros. Discovery network for quite some time now and the company usually gets the #1 spot among all the other programs on Wednesday nights in the key demographics, but there have been a number of reports in regards to Warner Bros. cost cutting across their entire network and it has raised some questions on what this could mean for AEW.

As previously reported, Kathleen Finch, who is the Warner Bros. Discovery US Networks Group Chair and Chief Content Officer, recently took part in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and spoke about the future of AEW with their network and how happy they are with the huge numbers All Elite Wrestling is pulling in. Kathleen also said that they’re working with the wrestling team to figure out what new content they can air that is not in a wrestling ring.

This is what Kathleen Finch said:

“We really play in the sports space. One of the things that we’re doing around sports is creating shoulder programming to hold onto those fans. AEW [All Elite Wrestling] pulls huge numbers, so we are working with the wrestling team to figure out what new kind of content can we build that’s not in a wrestling ring.”

There have been additional signs as of late that proves Warner Bros. Discovery is very happy with AEW as some of the MLB Playoff coverage on TBS has been airing several commercials for AEW’s Dynamite and they have also been showing advertisements of All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite on the backstop during a game between the Guardians and the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

AEW seems to have a great working relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery, but their current deal is almost up and it remains to be seen what figures All Elite Wrestling will receive once they negotiate a new deal.

You can check out the tweet below:

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