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Athena Reveals Inside Info About How AEW Approached Her—John Silver On MJF—Killer Kross Set To Take On Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Athena has made it to AEW, and as I’ve already gone into in a previous piece, it’s great news…especially after she had so many negative experiences at the tail end of her run in WWE. But as she stated in a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston, it was an interesting back and forth before both parties signed on the dotted line:

“It was like a six-month, ‘Ah, are we interested? Are you interested?’…Because I think, when I left, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue wrestling, I just knew that I loved watching the AEW product at home …

I had a couple matches on the indies and those blew up – Shane Strickland, Taya Valkyrie, Mia Yim, and it just kept getting more and more traction. I think like, we finally just kind of hit the double tap on the phone call and it was like, ‘Yeah, let’s figure out something. Let’s do this.’”

via Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

I’m happy she’s in AEW regardless, especially considering her frustrations when she was on the NXT roster back in WWE. Looking forward to more from her on the AEW platform.

John Silver vs. MJF!!

Apparently there’s no love lost between John Silver and MJF. Silver had some harsh statements about MJF, who is not with the company apparently; he hasn’t been seen in weeks actually. This is of course probably a work…a storyline that will be revisited quite shortly; MJF voiced some ‘frustrations’ to put it mildly, and it all ended in the seemingly disseverment of MJF from AEW.

via Banana Iswel686 /YouTube

Frustrations though, isn’t the right word if you remember his promo from a few weeks back, but as for the raise that MJF feels he’s worth, John Silver had a few things to say on the matter and they were not very flattering. These statements were made as Silver spoke at a recent K & S WrestleFest virtual signing. He said:

“He actually should be paying the company to be on TV, I think…I’ve known him since he started. He should be paying them so he can be on TV. That’s what I think…”

via Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

And on the type of person MJF is, Silver said:

“MJF is standing when the plane lands…He’s up, he’s standing there, waiting obnoxiously. That’s all I really need to say.”

via Wrestling Inc (Transcription) – link above

Killer Kross set to take on Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Ric Flair’s Last Match has made quite a bit of noise. First off, the legendary Ric Flair will be getting into the ring at the age of 73! He’s been seen training and is in great shape for the event.

But in other news about the event, many wrestlers will be there…especially former WWE wrestlers. Names like Nia Jax and Tyler Breeze have been brought up, but interestingly enough, Killer Kross and Davey Boy Smith Junior are set to go head to head.

via ITR Clips /YouTube

It’s a highly anticipated match, as the two have faced one another before…Smith beat Kross and yes by submission…this was at Barnett’s Bloodsport 1 back in 2019, according to Wrestling Inc.. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes for sure.

Many Impact Wrestling stars are also scheduled to appear and have matches….

As for Flair’s final match, his opponent is unnamed as of this writing…so there are of course many reasons to watch it all go down, friends.

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