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Athena’s ROH Reign Recognized by Tony Khan: Potential AEW Appearances Discussed

The wrestling world continuously interconnects its various promotions to bring audiences some of the most enthralling matchups and champion showcases. In the midst of this, Ring of Honor (ROH) Women’s World Champion, “The Fallen Goddess” Athena, has been carving an impressive niche as the longest reigning champion in the title’s history. Her journey, marked by unforgettable encounters with wrestlers like Willow Nightingale, Kiera Hogan, and Skye Blue, has solidified her standings in the annals of ROH.

Despite Athena’s impactful reign and accolades in Ring of Honor, her presence on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) programming has been minimal, sparking curiosity about potential appearances on AEW television. Athena’s last appearance traced back to the AEW WrestleDream Zero Hour pre-show. With fans eager for more, Tony Khan, AEW and ROH President, has shed some light on the topic.

On the ROH Final Battle 2023 media call, as reported by Fightful, Tony Khan expressed enthusiasm about Athena’s potential crossover to AEW shows. “I’m certainly open to Athena appearing in AEW, and other places. I think it’s really great to have somebody who is a great ambassador for the company like Athena,” Khan stated, acknowledging Athena’s dedication to ROH.

Khan praised Athena’s work, implying her performances in ROH have been a driving force in the promotion’s success. “Her work has been one of the strongest things about the show. If Athena is focused on ROH and AEW, that’s great, too,” he added.

The media session also touched on upcoming challenges Athena may face, highlighting Billie Starkz as not only a formidable opponent but also an exciting prospect for AEW audiences. Khan’s commendation extended to Starkz, emphasizing both wrestlers bring immense value to any wrestling company.

Khan also reflected on Athena’s role in ROH over the past year, stating, “In reflecting on the year in 2023, I believe Athena’s work on ROH was quite possibly the strongest and most consistent thing throughout the year, and it’s been really nice having that anchor.” Her robust representation in ROH has undeniably contributed to the brand’s vitality.

Beyond the talk of Athena’s crossover capabilities, Tony Khan’s comments during the media call encompassed broader topics, including discussions with The CW Network about potentially bringing ROH to the channel.

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As the pro wrestling landscape evolves, keep a close eye on Athena and the dynamic she may bring to AEW. With industry leaders like Tony Khan open to fostering talent mobility amidst promotions, the canvas of professional wrestling is poised for some intriguing developments in the times ahead.

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