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Blue Meanie Says He Pegged ThunderDome To AEW But WWE Got It

Former WWE and ECW Star Blue Meanie recently appeared as a guest on the Wrestling Inc. podcast, where he talked about wrestling promotions such as WWE continuing to air their television shows despite the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the pressures of being contracted by two major networks in FOX and USA Network.

This is what Blue Meanie said:

“I don’t know what I would do in that position if I were the head of a company. When it comes to WWE, I think it became a sense of where they had to obligate certain contracts.” “They have contracts with FOX and USA Network, where they have to guarantee a certain amount of content for their network or they lose their contracts.

“So, they have to do something. It’s a right and it’s wrong. I wouldn’t do it. As a performer, I’ve turned down a lot of stuff just because there’s so much uncertainty out there. You’re fighting something that you can’t see. With this pandemic, anybody can have it and you don’t know who. It’s hard to safeguard yourself from something you can’t see. If it’s me running a company–if it’s an independent company, I wouldn’t be running, but I can see where WWE has a necessity and keep good faith they signed with the contracts with these networks. I see where they’re coming from.”

Blue Meanie then talked about being open to working with either AEW or WWE after the pandemic and the vaccine is dealt with and figured out.

This is what Blue Meanie said:

“Sure! It’s up to them, but not right now. Let’s get this vaccine and figure this crap out!.” “But I’d love to do something in the producer role, whether in WWE or in AEW.

Blue Meanie then revealed that he was the one who came up with the Thunderdome idea and he pitched it to AEW a few months back on social media, but WWE must have seen the idea and ran with it.

This is what Blue Meanie said:

“I have ideas and I pitched ideas on Twitter that wound up being on somebody’s TV. I pitched the whole ThunderDome thing to AEW and WWE went and did it.” “So, that’d be great if AEW decided to video screen the back with people in Zoom calls, so they can add some kind of background noise, and then WWE goes, ‘Exclusively on ThunderDome!’. I was like, ‘What!?’ As soon as they announced the ThunderDome, ‘I posted the screen cap of me with the idea two months before.”

You can check out Blue Meanie’s comments in the video below:

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