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Bret Hart On The Possibility Of Him Signing With AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart, who is considered as one of the greatest to ever to do in a pro wrestling ring, recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online on the rumors of him going to AEW and managing the current AAA and ROH World Tag Team Champions FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood). According to the WWE Hall of Famer, he is happily retired now and he doesn’t want to be remembered as a manager or any other thing aside from a wrestler.

This is what Bret Hart said:

“Well, I’m happily retired. I’m a home guy now.” “There’s not a lot I can do in wrestling. People say, ‘What would you do in AEW?’ What would I do? Referee? Manage? Be a Chairman? I don’t want to be remembered that way. I want to be remembered as a wrestler.”

Bret Hart also spoke about how he would be happy in helping out the younger talents in AEW and giving them advice and how he could make a difference in the way younger talents approach their matches, but he is getting a little older now and he doesn’t like to travel as much as he did in the past, so even though there are a lot of things he could do to be a part of AEW, he is happy just being at home.

This is what Bret Hart said:

“I’d be happy to help a lot of them, and I know a lot of them. I talk to a lot of them, sometimes by text or on the phone and people call me up. I always got advice and I can always pinpoint little things that can make a difference in a guy’s match or something that he’s doing. But I’m a guy that likes being home, so they’re going to have to call me on the phone. I wish I could go do stuff more easily, but I’m getting a little older now and it’s getting harder for me to keep flying around and doing stuff, so I got to pick my days that I can do stuff.”

“There are a lot of things I would love to be part of with AEW and what they’re doing. I know they got some great wrestlers there and I have a lot of respect for the organization and all that, but right now I’m happy at home.“

You can check out Bret Hart’s comments in the video below:

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