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Brodie Lee Was Reportedly In The ICU About Two Months Ago

The passing of AEW Star “The Exalted One” Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) came as a surprise to the entire pro wrestling world, including the wrestlers from AEW as well as other companies, but there were a few in AEW who knew that Brodie Lee was having health issues as far back as two months ago.

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer revealed on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live all the details he has of Brodie Lee’s health issues.

This is what Bryan Alvarez said:

“About two months ago, I was told by somebody that Brodie was in the ICU and this was from somebody that had heard it from somebody else and neither of us could find anybody else who confirm this. I was concerned and for the last two months, me and this other person were basically asking each other if we had heard anything and neither had.”

“I know that within AEW there were some people that knew but there were a lot of people that did not know because his family did not want the word out so most people just were not told anything. I know that there were other people in AEW that had only heard the same thing that me and this other person had heard that at some point he had been in the ICU. The last thing that I heard was two months ago.”

Alvarez then added that when Brodie Lee’s son had beaten Kenny Omega his first thought was that Brodie Lee had to be there and when he noticed that Brodie Lee wasn’t there then his next reaction is that this isn’t good.

The segment that Bryan Alvarez was talking about is what happened during a dark segment after a recent episode of AEW Dynamite where Brodie Lee’s son was offered a spot in The Elite by Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

A brawl would then ensue between The Elite and The Dark Order and Brodie Lee, Jr. forced Kenny Omega to tap out to the rear naked choke. Brodie Lee’s son would then be announced as the new AEW World Champion.

This is what Bryan Alvarez said:

“Then a week and a half ago or whatever, I heard that his son had done the angle where he had beaten Kenny Omega. When I heard that, obviously my first thought was Brodie had to be there, he had to be there…then I asked and nobody who I asked answered if Brodie had been there or not. When nobody answered if he’d been there or not, I was thinking dude, I don’t think he was there. When I heard about the angle, I was like, I don’t think this is good.”

Brodie Lee recently passed away at the age of 41 and according to his wife, Amanda, Lee passed from a non-COVID related lung illness.

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