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Bryan Danielson on What Inspires Him in AEW: Creative Work and Developing Young Talent

One Big Thing

AEW star Bryan Danielson finds inspiration in contributing to the company’s creative team and helping develop storylines for other talent while also continuing to perform in matches on a part-time basis.

Key Points

  • Danielson enjoys both the physical experience of wrestling and the backstage creative work.
  • He finds it rewarding to help other wrestlers excel and see their happiness after delivering an amazing match or promo.
  • Danielson acknowledges that his body can only take so much, and he now prefers the creative aspect of the business.
  • He wants to focus on developing younger talent within AEW going forward.

Why It Matters

Bryan Danielson’s passion for contributing to AEW’s creative team and developing younger talent highlights the importance of veteran wrestlers sharing their knowledge and experience to help the next generation succeed. By focusing on both his in-ring performance and backstage work, Danielson is ensuring that AEW continues to grow and improve.

Looking Ahead

Danielson has declared himself an entrant in the 2024 Owen Hart Cup tournament, stating that “this might be his my shot” as he focuses on trying to win the AEW World Championship before he retires. His dedication to both his in-ring career and backstage work showcases his commitment to making AEW the best it can be.
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