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Bryan Danielson’s Significant Influence in AEW Booking, According to Dave Meltzer

One Big Thing

Bryan Danielson, known for his impactful wrestling career, seems to have a notable amount of influence over his matches and storylines in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), as discussed by Dave Meltzer on “Wrestling Observer Radio”.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite not officially being part of the AEW creative team, Danielson often shares his ideas with owner Tony Khan.
  • Dave Meltzer specified that Danielson has been selecting his recent opponents and the nature of his matches.
  • For Danielson, the autonomy extends to crafting significant bouts, including a high-profile match against Will Ospreay and a Bunkhouse Brawl alongside Claudio Castagnoli.
  • Danielson is currently navigating what he considers the last full-year of his active wrestling career, aiming to reduce time on the road and spend more with family, yet not planning to retire entirely.

Why It Matters

The degree of control Danielson holds over his booking within AEW underscores a broader trend in the industry towards granting performers more creative freedom. This move represens a significant shift away from the tightly controlled narratives commonly associated with major wrestling promotions. It also highlights the respect AEW has for Danielson’s understanding of the wrestling business and storytelling, acknowledging his ability to connect with fans on a profound level.

Looking Forward

As Danielson approaches the planned end of his full-time wrestling career, his legacy within AEW not only includes his in-ring accomplishments but also his contribution to shaping a more collaborative and respectful creative process between wrestlers and management. How this will influence the next generation of talent remains a focal point for industry observers.

What impact do you think Bryan Danielson’s approach to booking will have on the future of AEW and professional wrestling? Let us know in the comments below.

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