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Chris Jericho Discusses AEW’s Reaction to CM Punk’s WWE Return

The professional wrestling landscape was set ablaze with CM Punk’s shocking return to WWE at Survivor Series last month, following his departure from AEW due to a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All Out. The incident eventually led to Punk’s firing by AEW President Tony Khan. As the wrestling world continues to react to the wave created by the Second City Saint’s dramatic comeback, Chris Jericho revealed the inner sentiments within AEW regarding Punk’s WWE resurgence.

Following the intense WarGames match at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event, CM Punk made his electrifying re-entry into the WWE Universe, marking a significant moment for fans who hadn’t seen him in a WWE ring in almost a decade. CM Punk’s history of tension with The Elite underscored his tenure in AEW, culminating in a conflict that saw him exit Khan’s promotion.

In a recent interview on WFAA, veteran wrestler Chris Jericho discussed the buzz around CM Punk’s latest career move and responded to queries about the locker room’s reaction in AEW. His insights provided clarity on the dynamics between the two rival companies. “It’s business as usual,” remarked Jericho, indicating a certain level of professionalism that extends beyond personal sentiments within the wrestling community. He added, “It happens. It’s the same reason why there wasn’t a big reaction when Adam Copeland came to AEW or when Will Ospreay signed with AEW or when Danielson, Moxley, and Adam Cole came to AEW.”

Jericho emphasized the overall benefit of such transitions between promotions, “It’s good for the business that guys have the ability to go between companies. It’s great for the fans, and it’s great for the talent overall. It just makes the business stronger, and that’s the most important thing.”

AEW President Tony Khan similarly expressed his thoughts on Punk’s transition back to WWE, reinforcing the narrative that the wrestling industry is fluid, with talent moving in a way that ultimately serves the larger interests of the business and its fans.

In a turn of events, CM Punk’s role extends beyond the squared circle as he reportedly facilitated preliminary conversations between WWE and Warner Bros. Discovery, further entrenching his influence within the wrestling world.

As CM Punk’s storyline develops in WWE, fans are locked in anticipation to see how he will shape the coming weeks of programming. With Chris Jericho’s candid remarks shedding light on AEW’s behind-the-scenes perspective, the focus returns to the action and unfolding drama that make professional wrestling an ever-dynamic and captivating sphere.

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