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Chris Jericho On Who Booked Sammy Guevara’s Return, More

One of AEW’s top star “Le Champion” Chris Jericho recently took part in another edition of his Saturday Night Special Youtube series, where he talked about the return of his Inner Circle teammate Sammy Guevara. Jericho also revealed that he himself booked the segment where we saw Sammy Guevara make his return.

This is what Chris Jericho said:

“I booked it. I thought it was great, I loved it. I thought it was awesome.”

Jericho then talked about The Butcher and The Blade getting a tryout just like Luther did and them having to prove themselves which they did. Chris Jericho also talked about never meeting The Butcher (Andy Williams) and he just saw this big, giant burly guy with a big mustache and that he is in a rock n’ roll band, which is f–king great.

This is what Chris Jericho said:

“So listen, The Butcher and The Blade got a tryout like Luther did – they got signed to five shows. Then they had to prove themselves and The Butcher and The Blade did.” “And Andy Williams, I had never heard of him before, but here’s why you always be nice.”

“I had a call from Scotty, and I had a call from this guy, and that guy [saying], ‘Hey, Andy’s in AEW now. He’s a great guy. Can you take care of him?’ Absolutely! I had no idea, I had never met the guy. I just saw this big, giant burly guy with a big mustache. But he’s in a rock n’ roll band, he’s f–king great.”

Jericho then talked about AEW planning to do an international tour in the future, despite their plans of going to London not initially coming into fruition.

This is what Chris Jericho said:

“Absolutely [we plan to do an international tour].” “It’s kind of a drag that we weren’t able to do a national tour. We were actually planning on coming to London, I believe, for Fyter Fest. The Khan family, I think they own a stadium or they lease a stadium similar how they do in the states with a TIAA stadium there, in Jacksonville. So yes, we will be coming to London.”

You can check out Chris Jericho’s comments in the video below:

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