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Chris Jericho Promotes AEW Dynamite GrandSlam In A Unique Fashion

Chris Jericho is one of the best names to grace the wrestling ring. His performance has been impeccable and he only continues to make it better with every passing day. Fans have experienced his greatness in the kind of matches he does with the kind of performers.

The former AEW Champion appeared on ‘Superstar Crossover’s and shared his thoughts on the kind of matches he has had, his favourite tag team partner and Bray Wyatt. Chris Jericho feels that Big Show was his favourite tag team partner. He would go on to recall that the name ‘Jeri-Show’ was coined by the commentary team.

Big Show loved the name and wanted the merch for it, but Jericho is the one who put it on hold. He never wanted a merch on this aspect to come out.

Chris wanted to let the fans ponder over what was possible for this exceptional tag team to come across for the members of the WWF Universe. Jericho had a different plan and while it hasn’t become a reality yet, he knows that it can happen in the distant future.

Big Shows was my favorite tag team partner. He was the best. Jeri-Show, which we never actually called ourselves that. The announcers called us that. I wouldn’t allow them to call us that. The Big Show wanted to make T-shirts and I was like, ‘We’re not making T-shirts. We’re not having any merch.’ He’s like, ‘What do you mean we’re not making merch?’ I said, ‘I didn’t think heels should have merch.’ I was like, ‘We’ll make our money main-eventing pay-per-views against the babyface that sell merch.’ He always wanted to make Jeri-Show shirts, so maybe someday we’ll have to do that’, but he was great. Great chemistry. At the time, he was kind of floundering. I told Vince we’re gonna make him like a giant destroyer, like just kills everybody. Get rid of that Andre the Giant singlet, like put them in a real singlet or whatever it was and kind of reinvented him and we had a great run there. It was a blast with one of the best breakups in history. We treated it like a rom-com at the end, like, you know, ‘I’m still always gonna think about you. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you. We’ll always have December’, or whatever it was.

The wrestling world lost Bray Wyatt at an early age and everyone is shaken to the core on his passing. Chris Jericho is no exception to it as he felt for Bray Wyatt and said that Bray Wyatt was one of the genius minds to step up in the ring. Chris said that Bray made everything look easy.

Bray was like a faucet of creativity. He had so many ideas that were just pouring out of him at all times where it would be like, ‘I got to do this. I’m gonna do this’, and it’s like, ‘Let’s go back to the second one. What was the second one again?’ He was very unique and that’s why he did so well and was so successful because no one really thought about wrestling the way that he did with the characters that he created and the things that he committed to that no one else can really make work. Obviously, Bray Wyatt might have been the best of them, but when that started getting a little bit stale, then he goes to The Fiend but the Firefly Fun House, like, if you pitch that to me, it’d be like, ‘What are you talking about? Like, how is this gonna work?’ But then once you see him do it, it’s like, this is so great. It’s so wrestling. It’s like dinner debonair that MJF and I had. You couldn’t get away with that unless you committed to it 1,000% because wrestling is that. Wrestling is the Firefly Fun House, but to be able to think about that, and create it, and make it a thing, and there’s all these different characters that it’s like Mr. Rogers on crack, but it’s cool. That to me was the best of Bray Wyatt, like it’s hard to translate that into a match, but like I said earlier, matches are almost secondary. It’s characters and connecting with people and making them want to see you perform and that’s what Bray Wyatt could do better than almost anybody in the modern era.

The inaugural AEW Champion talked about how Bray Wyatt’s ‘The Fiend’ character became a reality and looked so well onscreen. Jericho talked about the visionary mindset of Bray Wyatt and how his devotion to the craft was 1000%.

Do you have any thoughts on what Chris Jericho said? Chime in.

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