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Chris Jericho’s Wrestling Future: Will AEW Star End Career in WWE?

3 Key Points

  • Chris Jericho’s illustrious wrestling career spans over 30 years across major promotions.
  • Speculation arises on whether Jericho will conclude his career with WWE despite his current success in AEW.
  • Ex-WCW star Konnan suggests Jericho may desire a WWE retirement after his AEW contract ends.

Chris Jericho’s Professional Wrestling Legacy

Chris Jericho’s name resonates across the professional wrestling world. His journey through companies like WCW, WWE, and NJPW has solidified his status as a revered veteran. His tenure at WWE particularly stands out, immortalizing him in the annals of wrestling history.

AEW’s Impact on Jericho’s Career

Jericho’s role in AEW since January 2019 has been significant. Following his stint with NJPW, he embarked on a new adventure with AEW, creating buzz about the potential of his career’s final chapter and whether it ties back to his roots in WWE.

Konnan’s Insights on Jericho’s Future

During a conversation on “Keepin’ it 100,” Konnan ventured into the future of Jericho’s career. Speculating on Jericho’s post-AEW trajectory, he mentioned, “I gotta think that there’s maybe a part of Jericho that’s like, ‘Hey, after I’ve done my thing here I would love to,’ probably, ‘Retire in WWE.’” This statement has ignited discussions among fans about the likelihood of Jericho’s WWE homecoming.

Vince McMahon and Jericho’s AEW Contract

Vince McMahon reportedly expressed interest in bringing Jericho back to WWE. Despite this, Jericho has voiced his current satisfaction with AEW, focusing on enriching his legacy there. Nonetheless, speculations continue about his professional decisions post-AEW contract in 2025.

As discussions unfold about Chris Jericho’s future, we invite our readers to share their thoughts. Will Chris Jericho grace a WWE ring once more to say farewell, or will his storied career find its conclusion within AEW? Your comments are valued as we continue to track the career trajectory of this industry giant.

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